The love of music has been in me since early childhood. I loved listening to the radio and memorizing the words so I could sing along. I grew up on a farm in rural Blount County Alabama at a place called Rainbow Crossing. Music was my escape from long days on the farm. My parents couldn’t afford music lessons or instruments but that didn’t stop me from writing every chance I got. I dreamed of one day playing and singing like the stars I heard on the radio and Grand Ole Opry. At that time the dream seemed many miles away from Rainbow Crossing. I never lost sight of my dream and kept writing and putting the songs in a folder. I eventually studied guitar and piano (I was a grandmother before I got the chance). Life in general has been the inspiration for most of my songs; and although I raised my children before I pursued my music I feel it was the right time because I had experienced life and finally appreciated having the opportunity to follow my dream. It had just been on hold for a while.

People tell me I have a gift. I think of it as a blessing to be able to live my dream of writing, singing, and recording my songs. I love all kinds of music: country, gospel, bluegrass. No matter what I set out to write it always ends up a spiritual experience. So, I hope you can feel the messages in my music because they are straight from my heart to yours.